You Can Make A Difference!

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November 27, 2023 United States, Alaska, Anchorage 17


You can make a difference by doing one small thing each day that helps the environment.

 No one individual or group is going to be able to save the environment alone. It is going to take all of us working together to protect the environment for future generations. If we don’t make the environment our top priority, planet Earth may be uninhabitable within a short period of time… maybe just a few years!

 Here’s how!

 Each day, do one small thing that benefits the environment. Take a shorter shower. This will help conserve water supply and reduce the energy needed to heat the water. Turn off the lights when not in use and unplug your “vampire” appliances. Carpool or take the bus to work. If you live close to your place of employment, consider walking or riding a bicycle to work. Wash your clothes in cold water and use eco-friendly laundry detergent. Take a walk around your neighborhood and pick up litter. Doing one small thing each day will make a difference!

 Read our blog: One Thing I Can Do, Nov. 26, 2023, for more suggestions.

 Remember, one small positive behavior each day makes a difference!

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